BLOSSOM SOCIETY Holographic Spine Decal

BLOSSOM SOCIETY Holographic Spine Decal

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Sizing: 23cm x 5xcm

Material: weather-proof vinyl

How to Apply: use dry method (no water)


Step By Step
1. Place decal on flat surface and run a card/squeegee across the decal to rid of any air bubbles.
2. Turn over to other side and repeat.
3. Prep and clean the surface you are adhering the decal to with alcohol and a rag.
4. Once all air bubbles have been removed and surface has been prepped, slowly peel the backing (non-transparent) side off - starting from the corner. NOTE: do this slowly
5. Ensure lettering is adhered to the transparent sticky paper.
6. Place sticker down on the prepped surface.
7. Run a card/squeegee across the sticker to rid of any air bubbles. Let it sit for 5-10min for the best results.
8. Starting from a corner, peel the transparent sticker off at an angle. NOTE: do this slowly

Tip: for the best results, do not wet the decal within the first 24 hours.